159% increase in non-branded traffic through smart SEO campaigns with relevant content

Atkins is an international brand for low-carbohydrate products. They are a leading player in the 'diet market'. Atkins sells a variety of: low-carbohydrate bars, shakes, bread, crackers and muesli whereas they position themselves as a lifestyle brand.


Recently, Atkins made a transition from a diet to a lifestyle brand. This transition has a great impact on the digital strategy of the company. In the new strategy, our aim is to reach the target audience that does not yet specifically focus on a product purchase. To achieve this ambition, the following SEO objectives have been set:

  • Structurally increase non-branded organic traffic to the website by at least +50% through relevant content;
  • Respond with content creation to ‘needs’ instead of products and have this target audience converted into product purchases through relevant content;
  • Identifying LTV (Life Time Value) of organic traffic to determine which consumers (with their accompanying needs) are the most loyal on the long haul

Strategy and Approach

The biggest challenge of Adwise was to create valuable content and reach the target audience at multiple touchpoints within the customer journey. A selection of the most important activities:

#1 Content optimisation as a basis for increasing organic traffic

Based on the most important keywords within different phases in the customer journey, content has been written and rewritten. For instance: the article ‘low carbohydrate’ already existed but has been completely revised and published online in January 2017. The result? An increase of 137% in organic session towards this page.

#2 Featured Snippets

We obtained a featured snippet on a number of important search terms, including: low-carbohydrate, low-carbohydrate diet and low-carbohydrate products. Due to these featured snippets, the CTR on these search terms increase from 7% to 33%.


#3 Visibility of products through a recipe database

To increase the visibility of Atkins’ products, we have chosen to develop content in terms of recipes. By providing recipes with substantive information such as text, visuals and videos, we want to increase traffic towards the website. Starting point for the recipe database is user generated content, for which the Atkins community was consulted. Structured data has been added so the image and preparation time of the recipe is immediately visibile within the search results. Consequently, this increases the CTR.


Currently, Atkins is ranking the top of Google with multiple important terms. The implemented SEO strategy has led to a growth in non-branded organic traffic of 159%. The display of product pages from organic traffic has increased by 28% and the recipe pages have realised 80,000 unique views. At this moment, the number of organic sessions is still increasing continuously.

Future steps

A future step in the (SEO) strategy is calculating the Life Time Value per cluster, based on intrinsic needs. This examines which target groups generate most for Atkins on the long haul, in order for us to focus even more on relevant content for these groups.

The going live of our webshop in combination with the planned implementation of Hatch (measurement of transactions at external retailers), a CRM full of relevant data and the possibility to send Predicitve LTV modeling to Analytics, we are able to make these insights concrete.

This case has been nominated for the Dutch Search Awards 2017 in the category: Best SEO Campaign. The animated view of this case can be seen via the following video (Dutch):

Atkins over ons

This case is smartly tackled on intrinsic needs, for which we promote our faithful followers in a natural way to convert towards a product purchase – both online as well as offline in our store.

Marcel Heijboer
Review van Atkins over Atkins
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Klanten over ons

Als allround marketing partner heeft Adwise zich keer op keer bewezen. Proactief meedenken en kennis op meerdere gebieden heeft geleid tot een zeer succesvolle en vruchtbare samenwerking!

Roman Bosch
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