Use of in-store data to optimize mobile advertising experience


Buying garden furniture is not a quick decision and consumers often choose to visit a store first before making a purchase. We have developed innovative product-signs which are placed nearby the products in store. Consumers can then interact with these signs by using NFC chip and QR codes. By touching the product-sign with their mobile phone consumers will the be directed to the product page through a mobile site. Here they can see rich content, like photo’s, video’s and reviews. The content contains additional information which is not available in-store. By collecting relevant data and mobile site usage.

we analyze realtime customer data for targeted advertising campaigns. By example, we retarget the customer dynamically with products they viewed in-store. Thanks to the right use of customer data and these innovative tools, Kees Smit Tuinmeubelen has successfully increased their total profitability of the campaigns. This solution has contributed to the growth of this omnichannel player.




Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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